Music Recycler

Big tune!

So do The Death Weather

Robert Plant has an upcoming record.

A new single from the Radio Moscow’s new album called “Magical Dirt”.

These kids are amazing, this year support for Motorhead

JW the 3rd is back with “Lazaretto”.

Rival Sons, classic sound in a fresh package, nuo LedZep’s, “Great Western Valkyrie” is jus too good.

Pearls and Brass – Bleeding Hands


I see corporate hands up in foreign lands
With the man behind the man gettin paid behind the man…

Graveyard fav.

Jimi is back with Nine To The Univerese

LedZep’s fav, at the time.

There is only one king.

M. Preston’s choice from Stay Gold. Everything’s clear, everything’s bright.

Refugee Camp, Blunted on Reality is the album.

Perfect days, only with Lou.

Metallica B man’s choice.

It’s called gratitude!


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